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Edition: 3rd

Intellectual Property Rights Case Digest is a comprehensive coverage of Trade Marks, Copyright, Patent and Design case law. The IPR Digest is a reliable and comprehensive compilation of case law of High Courts and Supreme Court and International law of more than 5 decades 1950-2010.

Each and every case has been thoroughly analyzed and all the rulings extracted for which it is a binding authority under the constitutional mandate of the Constitution.

The arrangement of digest is such that the reader reach the relevant rulings most conveniently by whatever route he may adopt to begin his search ,be it topic-wise, statute-wise or section wise. Where the number of rulings under any section or sub-topic are several, they have been, for convenience reference, further sub-divided under minor topic headings. The excellent noter-up on overruled, distinguished, followed, approved and affirmed, etc cases, to know true strength and latest position of any ruling.

This case digest will be extremely convenient and time saving for the users who will now find the entire case law at one place. The book differentiates from the competition by presenting a detailed coverage of the English IPR cases. This aspect will give the user an idea of Intellectual Property and the way it is evolving in the current market scenario. The book also analyses the latest trends in the market.


•Title: Intellectual Property Rights Case Digest

•Author: CCH

•Publisher: CCH India

•Binding: Hardbound

•Number Of Pages: 1044

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