What is TILF Centre for Law & Policy (“TCLP)”?
TCLP is premier think tank body to shape the Indian and International policies affecting Economy, Businesses, Justice System and Society.
These policies could be in the form of legislations, rules, Important Legal Cases, Guidelines, Office Circulars, Notifications, International Treaties, etc.

What is the composition of TCLP?

TCLP forms a Policy Advisory Taskforce (“PAT”) on each issue to take opinions from all stakeholders and formulate a position paper on the same.

How does TCLP achieves it’s Goals?
TCLP achieves this goals in several ways, 1) Preparing Position Papers, 2) Preparing Representation Letters, 3) Arranging meeting between Stakeholders and Government Officials, 4) Increasing Public Awareness through media, and also as a last resort, 5) files Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in the courts.

How do I become part of TCLP?
Please send your area of issue/ policy that you may be interested, Your profile and contact information at PAT @theindianlegalfoundation.org?





PAT-101 Corporate Social Responsibility Section 135 in New Indian Companies Act, 2013 requires big companies with Net worth above Rs 500 crores (US Dollars 80 million) or net profit above 5 crores (US Dollars .8 million) to constitute a Corporate Social Responsibility Committee.  In order to address the concerns of Indian Corporate Sector, TILF has set up a Policy Advisory Team (PAT). Chair: Harpreet Oberoi 
PAT-102 Computer Related Inventions (CRI) Section 3 (k) of the Patents Act, 1970 (as amended in year 2002) prohibits inventions related to a mathematical  or business method or a computer programme per se or algorithms to be Patented. Office of Controller General of Patents and Designs has come out with the Guidelines for Examination of Computer Related Inventions.  To address some of the important issues raised by Indian Inventors in Information Technology area, TILF has set up a Policy Advisory Team (PAT).   Chair: Hitesh Sharma